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Sewage Treatment Plant SBR

Sewage Treatment Plant SBR

Meeting the demands of the ground water requirement it is essential to recycle waste water in all possibilities for green environment. Even 1KLD (1000Liters/day) waste water can b recycled with Entry level Sequence batch reactor (SBR) Sewage treatment plants. Our Sequence batch reactor (SBR) Technology advanced Sewage treatment plant is perfect solutions for recycling small communities stating from 1000Liters/day and above waste water. The plant is fully / partly automated. It is ideal for individual house, flats, commercial offices and all industries.
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SBR technology working principal

One of the most advanced and high-class technology for treating wastewater, it works in various phases in a single batch (tank) reactor ,


This is the primary stage in SBR, the influent is filled in the reactor tank. The waste water must get filled adequately so that the system can performed properly. The waste water must get filled adequately therefore the food to microorganisms’ ratio remains appropriate.


Aeration effectively done in the presence of air/ oxygen consumes the pollutants in the SBR chamber. Air is supplied in time sequenced manner in this phase. Microorganisms utilize the ammonia, nitrogen and BOD. An anoxic phase can be introduced depending on requirement to have denitrification in the water after loading phase.


Following aeration, separation of activated sludge from clear water is initiated by the controller. During this phase clear water separates on the top of the tank, while heavy activated sludge settles to the bottom of the tank. This process can be 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes.


Decanting is done when the effluent is removed from the tank without disturbing the sludge settled at the bottom.


Idling is described as the waiting time between the two filling cycles.

SBR specialized design principles to control the process to achieve highest quality treatment of sewage and wastewater through SBR process. Control and automation of different process is done though our specially designed micro controllers that have special sensors to detect water pressure and head to carry out respective treatments. Fine bubble diffusion is one of the most efficient aeration methods and it deploys these to achieve high oxygen diffusion efficiency in the water column.

The treated effluent will be sterilized using chlorine, and passed through the sand and carbon filters to remove suspended particles, chlorine and ammonia absorption. The effluent coming out of the carbon filter will be clear, odourless and can be used for gardening and other purposes.

Applications Industry

Applications Industry

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