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Iron Removal PLANT in chennai

Iron is an objectionable constituent of portable water. Iron in water imparts a bitter characteristic, metallic taste and cause oxidized precipitate. Coloration of water which may be yellowish brown to reddish brown and renders the water objectionable or unsuitable for use. In addition Iron stain everything with which it come in contact. Iron exists in water in two levels. One as the bi-valent, Ferrous Iron ( Fe ++) and the second one as the tri-valent, Ferric Iron (Fe+++). The Ferric Iron generally occurring in the precipitated form. Iron forms complexes of hydroxides and other in-organic complexes in solution with substantial amounts of bi-carbonate, Sulphate, Phosphate, Cyanide or Halides. Presence of organic substances induces the formation of organic complexes which increase the solubility of Iron. The waters of high alkalinity have lower iron than waters of low alkalinity.

Causes of Iron

Iron Removal Process Description

Stage I - Chemical Dosing

To level the pH factor, chemical pre treatment is done in order to facilitate rapid aeration, than the chemical dosed water send in to the aeration tanks.

Stage II- Online Aeration Type

Chemical dosed water is send into the aeration tank consisting three chambers. The raw water is allowed to sprinkle at the first chamber through specially designed perforated pipes. The water travels from first chamber to other two chambers through accurately designed multiple vents at variable levels of the bifurcate walls, thus provides ZIG ZAG motion. When the water reaches the third chambers the dissolved iron gets oxides and become suspended iron particles.

8 Hours Storage Aeration Type

Chemical dosed water is pumped in to aeration tank. The raw water is allowed to sprinkle (at the tank/sump) through specially designed perforated pipes and allowed to remain there for about 8 to 10 hrs to get oxidized through the natural process and the iron presence in the water becomes suspended iron.

Stage III - Filtration

The suspended iron water is passed through Iron removal unit, the filter media is supported on gravel bed that consists of multiple layers of progressively larger sizes of Manganese Di oxide, Activated Carbon 900 IV, Graded quartz sand, Fine sand, Super fine white sand and Pebbles, which retain the suspended iron particles. During the filtration cycle the filter bed retains the dirt and suspended iron particles from the water and accumulates within the filter bed.



As the filtration progress, the filter media gets loaded with the retained particles. This results in a continuous increase of pressure drop across the filter.When a predetermined pressure drop level is achieved, the filter is shut down for cleaning. After backwashing, the filter media is rinsed with raw water (or) treated water. Once quality of water is achieved the filter is put back into service (filter).

Product Model

Our NONFERR iron removal plants are comprises of Mild Steel /SS / FRP Pressure Vessel, Frontal piping wok with manual / Automatic multi port valve / Butterfly valve / conventional valves for easy operation and control, Iron remove plants are available from 1000 Liters/hr. to 10,00,000 Liters/day.


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